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Sports Live Stream Production

41° 10′ N, 8° 35′ W
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Our Production

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Cameras In Multiples

Up to six cameras, in 4k resolution, for every event ensure all angles are covered

Multiple Commentators Simultaneously

Up to four Play-By-Play and Color Commentators give your event that exciting edge filled with well-spoken announcing

Live Scoreboard Graphics

Keep the score data live instantly on every scoreboard throughout your broadcast.

Instant Replay

See it again Sam!  Commentators can show the viewers just how it happened when we roll the instant replays

Stream To Any Destination

Social Media, Youtube, Pay-Per-View, Your Own App, Zoom, Teams or any other stream destination of your choice

4K Recordings

All events are recorded in 4K resolution for the best quality available.  Download the recordings or publish them on DVD or Thumbdrives

Pay-Per-View Earns Money

Pay-Per-View your events to increase your revenue.  We provide the full PPV platform you need for financial success.

Any Location, Worldwide

Remote production anywhere in the world, live!  No limits.

Our Promise To You

We will help you make your event a success!

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Professional Streaming & Recording Services For Your Successful Events