+ Host your own show

+ Advertise on our shows

+ Be a guest on a show

+ Reach more clients and viewers

Host your own show
  • Start your own show or expand your existing show
  • Increase your audience
  • Make money through our profit-sharing program*
  • Multiple guests live, simultaneously
  • Live audience call in*
  • Custom Virtual Sets*
  • Targeted marketing per episode*
  • Increase the production value of your show without changing the essence of your show
  • We do all the production, editing, streaming so you don't have to*

Example: You've got a successful podcast and you want to rise to the next level. We build you a virtual set, you keep on talking but now you're on a talkshow set of your own, gone are the bad zoom backgrounds, welcome to the future of live television and you're the host. Production value matters!


Advertise on our shows

You can advertise on our shows and reach hundreds of thousands of viewers using ultra-targeted demographics. This means your ads will be seen by viewers in the exact locales you choose with the specific audience parameters you define. For as little as $50 your ads can be seen at the top of every show on our network.


Be a guest on a show

Book yourself on one of our shows as a guest. Choose the show, bring your best face, your stories, your brand offerings. Our shows are open to multiple genre topics. Our shows reach audiences as far away as India. Be sure you want to be seen, you will be seen.


Increase your reach

On your own you can gather reach piece by piece but together you are stronger. We aggregate your reach with all the other shows on our network. The higher the reach of one show automatically increases the reach of your show. Take advantage of the power of working together.


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