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This is the process that gets you results:

  • Discovery & Strategy

    We gather insights about your objectives and tailor a video marketing strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Production

    After establishing a plan, our production team collaborates with you to ensure that your narrative is captured in an enthralling manner.

  • Post-Production Edits

    Our editors assemble your narrative in a manner that forges connections and captivates your viewers. The standard delivery time is approximately two weeks.

  • Distribution

    After your videos are completed, it's time to initiate the use of suitable distribution channels to reach your specific target audiences.

    It's not just about having a video or live stream; you require the appropriate media content for your needs.

    Television Professional Broadcast Network knows that.

    Discover the ideal fusion of narrative and promotion to optimize your marketing budget. This is why we collaborate closely with our clients, tailoring bespoke video marketing strategies and videos that strike the perfect balance, ultimately yielding outcomes.

    And, of course, the process of creating an impactful video should also be a gratifying experience. Allow our team of skilled creatives to guide you through the entire journey – we'll simplify it for you!

    Multi-Camera Hybrid Event Coverage

    Achieving a global reach through high-quality broadcasting is a multi-faceted endeavor. Crafting a multi-camera/hybrid event involves a series of meticulous stages.

    Initially, an array of cameras is strategically positioned to capture diverse vantage points and perspectives of the event. Subsequently, the video feeds originating from these cameras are transmitted to a switcher, empowering the producer to selectively switch between camera feeds in real-time. The producer also has the creative latitude to incorporate graphics, lower thirds, and other visual enhancements into the final production. Finally, the amalgamated video feed undergoes encoding and is then seamlessly transmitted over the internet to the chosen streaming platform, where a global audience can engage with the live event. This comprehensive process necessitates astute planning, seamless coordination, and technical prowess to ensure a polished and professional production.

    This approach to multi-camera/hybrid event coverage is versatile and applicable to an array of occasions:

    1. Weddings
    2. Concerts
    3. Sporting events
    4. Conferences
    5. Trade shows
    6. Product launches
    7. Charity events
    8. Political gatherings
    9. Awards ceremonies
    10. Festivals
    11. Exhibitions
    12. Fundraisers
    13. Graduations
    14. Galas
    15. Corporate assemblies
    16. Press conferences
    17. Religious ceremonies
    18. Theater performances
    19. Art exhibitions
    20. Fashion showcases

    For additional information or to receive a quotation for our Multi-Cam/Hybrid Event Coverage services, please reach out to us. We are committed to delivering top-tier broadcasting solutions for your event's global outreach needs.

    The Full Range Of Services

    Live Event Streaming

    Have your event broadcast live to any of the social media platforms, your website, zoom, teams or other destinations and share it with friends and colleagues across the world.

    Aerial Drone Video Production

    Raise the bar and add a new dimension to your video by including aerial footage, both video and photography, with our fully qualified drone pilot.

    Corporate & Promotional

    Corporate and promotional videos, including products, services, interviews, testimonials and much more across United States and Canada.

    Commercial Photography & Video

    We help individuals, businesses and brands bring their products and services to life through creative, professional photography & video.

    Conferences, Meetings & Events

    Have your next conference, seminar or meeting filmed to share online, in zoom, teams or any destination with staff, sales teams or clients etc. 

    Marketing & Website Video

    A well-made video can be an effective way to market your business, welcome visitors to your website and help them navigate their way around.

    Real Estate Video & Photography

    Quality is worth millions!  Sell your home faster with a professionally made walk-through video and let potential buyers see how it feels to walk through your home.

    Live Theater Shows

    You spend months, sometimes years, working on your production.  Rely on the professionals to ensure your videos reflect your theatrial creativity. We film live stage performances for uploading to the web or distribution on digital download, DVD or streamed. Depending on quantities filming could be free of charge.

    Interviews & Talking Head Films

    Quite often it's easier for people to relax and tell their story in front of people they do not know closely.  We excell in helping people share.  These videos are the most sincere.