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  • Live Studio

    Production & Event Space

    3000 square feet of acoustically clean studio space
    for live events, virtual events, commercial production,
    meetings, conferences, parties and more.

  • Sports

    Six Cameras, Instant Replay, Commentators, Graphics & More
  • Weddings

    Inspired by Hollywood Films, Live Streamed & Recorded For You
  • Funeral Live Stream

    Discrete, Unobtrusive, Memorial & Celebrations Of Life Streamed & Password Protected

Live Streaming To Any Destination In The World

The Television Public Broadcast Network is a popular live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast live video content in real-time to a global audience on any connected device.

With a focus on delivering high-quality video and audio, we offer a seamless and immersive live streaming experience for viewers. The platform has gained a significant following amongst conference and event organisers, who use it regularly to connect with families and friends wherever they may be.

Recordings are available after the event

We can supply a recording of the stream which can be downloaded, on DVD or Thumbdrive and kept for all time.

Recordings are in 4K with audio in sync from your sound system or our microphones.

The recording is a continuous record of your entire event from start to finish.  

At your request this recording can be edited by our staff to a shorter film.

The Right Stuff

We usually stream with multiple cameras, sometimes even as many as 9 cameras!  All cameras feed the stream.  The more cameras we use, the more engaging the stream and final film becomes.

What's your prefered stream destination?  We can stream to social media, zoom, teams or to any website.  Let us know what you prefer.

Most venues supply high speed internet. We also supply bonded internet through our own system to guarantee that we have adequate internet connection at the location regardless of what the facility offers.

You're in good hands with the professionals at the Television Public Broadcast Network.  When you're organizing an event let us broadcast it live so that as many people as possible can watch and join in from anywhere in the world and have the recordings to keep forever.

Studio Space Is Available

When you need space for a small event or a studio shoot, we've got you covered.

The TVpbn studio is 3000 square feet large and acoustically clean with plenty of parking for any size group.

Visit Our Studio, The Largest Private Studio In Idaho