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Livestream Is A Team Effort

Whether your conference live stream production team is one person or many people
it's the people that are
the key to success.

People play a crucial role in distinguishing video production from livestreaming. Here's how they make the difference:

1. **Preparation and Planning:** In video production, professionals carefully plan and script every scene, ensuring it's shot to perfection. In contrast, livestreaming often involves real-time events, requiring quick thinking and adaptability to capture unscripted moments.

2. **Editing and Post-Production:** Video production involves extensive post-production work, including editing, color correction, and adding special effects. Livestreaming typically bypasses these steps, presenting events as they unfold, with minimal post-processing.

3. **Interaction and Engagement:** Livestreaming relies on engaging with the audience in real-time through comments, chats, and interactive features. Video production lacks this live audience interaction, as it's typically a one-way communication.

4. **Technical Skills:** Both video production and livestreaming require technical expertise, but livestreaming demands immediate troubleshooting for issues like connectivity, audio problems, or unexpected interruptions.

5. **Audience Reach:** Video production often caters to on-demand viewers, while livestreaming allows real-time engagement with a global audience, creating a sense of shared experience.

6. **Resource Management:** Video production may involve controlled environments, multiple takes, and elaborate setups, whereas livestreaming requires efficient resource management to ensure smooth, continuous broadcasting.

7. **Content Duration:** Video productions can vary in length, from short clips to feature-length films. Livestreams tend to be shorter, focusing on real-time events or broadcasts.

In essence, people involved in these processes adapt their skills and approach to match the specific demands of either video production or livestreaming, creating distinct experiences for the audience.

Producing Diverse Content for Forward-thinking Viewers


There are so many technologies you can employ to enhance your live stream and events.  Innovation helps get your message across in ways that people haven't seen before.  This helps keep them engaged through your message.  Since 1982 we've been keeping abreast of tech to deliver the most impact within your budget. 

In the end, it's the people that make it happen. 


Quality really matters.  Gone are the days when you could just hold up a few sheets of paper and expect viewers to be engaged with you.  We will help you take advantage of all the quality means of reaching your audience whether in-person or virtually.  Production quality is expected in today's world.  People see it in Hollywood and anticipate that in your events and streams.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


When you combine quality with innovation and creative production you achieve impact in your product.  It starts with an idea and we help you develop that into success whether in-person or across cyberspace.

It's all about the people and creativity.  You can have both, choose the right people.

Our Talented

It's said that it takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a team to produce a quality production.  Our team awaits your ideas so we can develop them into successful videos, photos and live streams.