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Terms of service

Terms and Conditions:

We're nice folks, so here's some details. Sadly it's legal stuff which never sounds happy...but it is what it is.

  1. If you buy it, you pay for it.
  2. We ship stuff.  It takes a long time for stuff to arrive these days.  We're not Amazon with overnight prime . We use the US Mail and sometimes UPS to ship product.  IT costs a lot of money to ship produt these days.
  3. We are not inventing shipping costs.  We charge you whatever we are forced to pay to the US Mail or UPS.  We don't inflate shipping costs. We're not Amazon prime to offer ultra low, practically free, shipping costs.
  4. We're not your daddy.  We aren't your financial advisor.  We're video guys.
  5. If you open the product, you do NOT get a refund.  If you don't want something, don't open the box.
  6. Downloadable content is non-refundable.  Don't harrass us about it.  That's the way it's been for decades ever since the internet was invented.  
  7. If you need tech support, send us a pleasant, polite email.  We will respond as fast as possible and do our utmost best to help you.  Yelling will not get you faster service.  It will get you forgotten though.
  8. If you have more questions, just email us.  We'll do our best to answer everything.
  9. If you're clicking on stuff on our website, it means you intentionally came here to use our website and therefore you agree to these terms and conditions by default.  IF you don't agree with this, don't click on our website.  yes, it's really that simple.
  10. If you like cookies, we do too!  Cookies help us like you more...buy us cookies and we'll like it a lot and help you even more diligently than we already do :)  
  11. Make sure you have a great day! Smile! It's great to be alive.