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Price: $1,523.00

Up to THREE-CAMERA livestream and/or recording for events on-location for ONE day in the Treasure Valley of Idaho.

Here's what we do:
First, we setup the cameras, computers and connect to your sound system so we get excellent sound for the videos.  When your event starts, we start recording and/or livestreaming (whichever you choose).  Since we're running three cameras simultaneously we switch to whichever camera has the best shot at that moment.  The end result is that it looks like professional TV.  

We will record everything from start to finish.  You will get a copy of the recording on a thumbdrive.  You can make DVD's from this video if you want.  If you want use to make DVD's for you, just let us know.  

  • Up to 3 Cameras in 4K
  • Up to 2 Commentators Simultaneously On-Location Or Remotely (Client Provides Commentators)
  • Up to 2 Reporters On-Location (Client provides the reporters)
  • Commercials Playout (Client provides the commercials)
  • 4K Production Quality
  • Graphics (Titles or Scoreboard overlay)
  • Audio synced from the event sound system
  • Play the live cameras on your TV or Video Projector at your event

Our comprehensive events livestream and recording service offers a top-tier experience for on-location events in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, spanning a duration of one days. With a professional setup of up to three 4K cameras, we capture every dynamic angle of your event. Our services include the simultaneous presence of up to two commentators, who can be either on-location or contribute remotely (client-provided commentators), enhancing the overall viewing experience. Additionally, we offer up to two reporters on-location with cameras and microphones, delivering real-time updates on the stream (client-provided reporters). We seamlessly integrate commercial playout into the recording and stream, utilizing commercials provided by the client. Ensuring a broadcast-quality production, we offer 4K resolution, graphic overlays, and a scoreboard overlay if needed. Our services include audio synchronization pulling the sound from your event sound system. We also support TV, LED screen or video projector integration, enabling real-time streaming to your local audience using your TV, LED screen or projector. Your peace of mind is guaranteed, as travel expenses are included for a round-trip journey to your chosen location, allowing you to focus on event and not the tech.