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Price: $6,000.00

Up to SIX-CAMERA livestream and recording for events on-location for TWO days anywhere in the domestic western United States.

  • Up to 6 Cameras in 4K
  • Up to 4 Commentators Simultaneously On-Location Or Remotely (Client Provides Commentators)
  • Up to 2 Reporters On-Location With Cameras and Microphones Live On The Stream (Client Provides Reporters)
  • Commercials Playout (Client provides the commercials)
  • 4K Production Quality
  • Graphics, Scoreboard overlay
  • Audio sync
  • Program out to external encoder
  • Program out to projector, client provided projector
  • Travel expense included round-trip

Our comprehensive events livestream and recording service offers a top-tier experience for on-location events in the western United States, spanning a duration of two days. With a professional setup of up to six 4K cameras, we capture every dynamic angle of your event. Our services include the simultaneous presence of up to four commentators, who can be either on-location or contribute remotely (client-provided commentators), enhancing the overall viewing experience. Additionally, we offer up to two reporters on-location with cameras and microphones, delivering real-time updates on the stream (client-provided reporters). We seamlessly integrate commercial playout into the recording and stream, utilizing commercials provided by the client. Ensuring a broadcast-quality production, we offer 4K resolution, graphic overlays, and a scoreboard overlay. Our services include audio synchronization and program output to an external encoder, making for a seamless viewing experience. We also support LED screen or projector integration, enabling real-time streaming to your local audience using your client-provided LED screen or projector. Your peace of mind is guaranteed, as travel expenses are included for a round-trip journey to your chosen location, allowing you to focus on the sporting spectacle itself.