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Insane, the movie
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  Photo Credit: Gerald Adamson Our First Feature Film Insane is the sequel to Betaswitch and Video Velocity's first movie ever produced, He Rang. He Rang Synopsis: Howie, an...

  Photo Credit: Gerald Adamson Pain & Panic gives the Idaho Film Family, Dragon Fever. This would be the 3rd year for the IFF. A festival where the local Boise community can come...

The debut of Dragon Fever at the Idaho Film Family festival in Boise, Idaho was a smashing success. Directed by Harrington and Patzer, the film was a visual and aural delight. The cinematography...

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Imagine, if you will, watching a movie without any sound.  Most people would find that boring beyond belief.  Your audio is what...

Being lax is a recipe for failure.  When shooting scenes every detail matters, even the small ones.  

You might have the nicest camera on the planet but without the right people all you have is a camera.  The people make the difference...

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