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Lifeways "Journey to Always"
When you can't get all 1000+ employees together at the same time due to distance and scheduling you host a live event in one location and stream the other groups into the event in a live simulcast setup. Lifeways did just that by connecting 3 of it's main locations together for the annual CEO state of the company conference.
Exsyted Concerts
Musicians and fans alike love to bring the power of music with them everywhere they go. Live streamed concerts are an additional revenue source for musicians and promoters while fans love the instant access to their favorite artists even when they can't attend the shows in person.
Africinema Film Festival
Helping filmmakers in Africa bring their films to the world.
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AV NerdZ
AV Nerdz do sound and video system installations for churches, schools, business & home. Contact AVNerdz to upgrade your system.
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A business that doesn't market is a business dying. Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. Adgressive specializes in social media marketing using the latest live streaming, targeting & techniques combined with proven solutions to create hybrid modern solutions to the age old problem of "How can my business get seen?"
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Stream your next event

The world watches! Expand your audience across the globe when you go live on social media. Sports, Corporate events, weddings, TV shows, Film Festivals, Movie Premieres, Private events and more can all be expanded by live streaming. Hire our crews anywhere worldwide.

Build your own TV Channel
Live stream whatever you want, no restrictions, worldwide, anytime. Program your channel to play videos and TV commercials when you're not live streaming. Play movies, music videos, sitcoms, news, sports, etc.