Get viewers watching your films

We solve the most difficult challenge all filmmakers face! Exposure and marketing.

While some producers pray and hope for exposure other producers take action and pay for it. They are typically the ones who get noticed the most.

When you give us your film to publish we combine our marketing experience to get viewers watching your films.

Step 1: Click Get Started and upload your film
Step 2: Choose the market regions you want us to target so viewers will see your film

  • $1 Per minute
  • Get your film seen!
  • Your film will be seen by our viewers. We will schedule your film to publish on the date and time you specify so you have plenty of marketing time. Get your movie played when you choose for only $1 per running minute of your film. Example: A 5:35 minute short film only costs $6.
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  • Marketing brings the people in
  • Marketing Options
  • We will market your film for you wherever you specify. These rates are easy starting points. You can expand and combine them to really empower your market based on your need.
  • New York City market $60
  • San Francisco Bay Area market $50
  • Los Angeles market $50
  • Chicago market $20
  • Atlanta market $20
  • Miami market $20
  • Vancouver Canada $20
  • Toronto Canada $20
  • Additional market by request
  • International markets by request
  • Dallas market $20
  • Houston market $20
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