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Pain & Panic gives the Idaho Film Family, Dragon Fever.

This would be the 3rd year for the IFF. A festival where the local Boise community can come together and show their hard work. Some say it's the Super Bowl for filmmakers in the Boise area. This is where you can put your art on display for all to see and receive feedback in real-time. This would be the first year Betaswitch, Video Velocity, Woods On Fire Productions, and TVPBN Productions threw their hat into the ring.

We are so glad we did. We took home the Best Child Actor & Best Makeup Awards that night. Well deserved Achievements as were the other awards that were awarded to the other teams. The movie that stood out to me the most - besides our own - was Tavanovich, Written and Directed by Mason Dodson. I thought it was funny and unique. Loved the cast and the laughs that were making my sides split.

Every win for all the teams at the IFF2023 is well-deserved and has inspired us to step up our game to match these Gods of filmmaking in our local community.

The Fourth Adaptation To Hit The Big Screen.

The contribution to the IFF was titled Dragon Fever. Written by Jorge Joseph Harrington and Directed by Sam Patzer.  Starring Gabby Gillmore as Savannah Darcy, Scott Beals as Ted Darcy, Olivia Woods as Annie, Jack Van Wyk as Annie's Grandfather, Prather Barnes as Blaze, Gerald Adamson as The Shadow Man/Death, Laine Conger as The Beautiful Woman/Death, and last but not least Jorge Joseph Harrington & Joey Beauchamp as Pain & Panic.

What is the future of Dragon Fever? We are compiling four Pain & Panic stories into a single feature film. Joey and I will be filming the introduction to it and will be releasing it shortly after that. However, it will be taken off Youtube forever, so make sure that you keep your eye out for it. The title: Pain & Panic Presents.

Think of Goosebumps television show. Do we have more stories in the pipeline? I think everyone knows the answer to that.

Dragon Fever Feature Film?

"I don't know about that?" - Jorge Joseph Harrington

When I started writing the short story collection with Joey Beauchamp, Dragon Fever lived on paper for many years. It was written shortly after He Rang was written. It is my second favorite story I've ever produced. The first one is Shavings. Second favorite and a second entry into the Pain & Panic Anthology.

About a young girl named Savannah that has to take care of her sick father, Ted Darcy. The sickness that he has is rare. It eats away the flesh, most commonly around the eyes, and makes the host lose their mind. Ted gets his sanity back for a brief moment and warns his daughter about what happened on the land, all those years ago. She doesn't believe him; of course.

"Stupid! Sick old man!" - Savannah Darcy.

What she comes to find out is he's told her the truth the whole time. The story was inspired by my son. I've told him that I will never lie to you. "I love you so much, I can't afford for you to not know the truth," I told him that when he was a baby, so he might not remember. I mean stare at you baby and occasionally his pacifier would move as he stared at me from his bounce chair.

Maybe it could be a feature. Maybe. I would treat this story like I did for Insane. I didn't want to do it because I felt I already told the story that needed to be told. "Use your imagination," is what I told those who asked about a sequel. Finally, I caved and wrote my first feature film, titled Insane.

There's a long story behind that story, but that will have to be told in a different article.

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