What Is The Show?

The Show is pure marketing in a late-night style variety show where people from all walks of life are guests. We talk about tons of stuff both funny and serious. People watch, enjoy some laughs, smile and maybe even cry sometimes. This is a proven formula that has been pioneer and perfected by late-night greats Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and others. Today, The Show is gaining popularity across social media and provides opportunity for brands to increase your exposure and market reach.

Guest are in-person and virtual
Be on The Show from anywhere! Naturally we would prefer if you could come to the studio, sit in the chair, talk face to face. But, some folks do come in virtually. We put you up on the 100" TV right next to Geoffrey's desk. It's just like being their in-person! You're bigger than life on that giant screen :)
Topics are human interest, ie;  music, art, movies, relationships, etc.
We try to keep things light and fun but sometimes a topic needs an engaging serious moment too. When you're on The Show to talk about your brand, the topic is going to be your brand, of course!
Family friendly!
The Show is a profanity-free environment where it's safe to let your kids watch too. Why? We want to make sure we reach the largest audience possible without alienating somebody just because of some kind of objectionable language that could be misconstrued. So, we do our best to keep it clean and tidy which helps represent your branding better too!
Versatile host adept at communication
Being well-read is a bonus! Who knew that years and years of reading library books would finally pay off! Geoffrey loves to read, even the big words, and that means he can chat with you about your branding in great depth as needed.
All episodes are evergreen on social media
Every episode is like a super efficient soldier for you out there being effective even months and years after you appeared on The Show. You can boost, share, talk about, etc. your episodes for as long as they're on social media, which is a very very very long time.
The Show maintains professional broadcast standards for quality. We want to ensure your brand is represented professionally. So, out with the zoom calls, in with the professional set, lighting, audio, music..the components that make a show at the top of the game.

The Reach

The Show reaches millions of people across multiple markets according to YOUR targeted demographics.

Different from traditional TV, we can aim The Show episodes at specific people demographics.

1,500,000 viewers and counting
With more than 1.5 million viewers The Show reaches a variety of shoppers.
Local Market Reach:  Southern Idaho
We target our local market because we live here! The Show has made local people famous. We can bring your brand in front of our local market too.
National USA Market Reach
The power of specific demographic targeting matched to your desired shoppers allows us to put your brand in front of just the right shoppers anywhere, anytime across any device in the United States.
International Market Reach
If your brand offerings can be shipped or downloaded you can reach the world. We have huge market representation across Asia and Africa! India is ripe just waiting for your brand to tantilize their shopper eyes.

If You're Serious!

Getting on TV is one of the best and fastest ways to build credibility. "As Seen On TV" is one of the most powerful phrases to have on your website. When you're on "The Show" you're on TV. IMAGINE how much more valuable you will be in the eyes of your prospects and clients from the credibility! This is why if you're serious about building credibility in your personal brand, you should start with by getting on "The Show".

We Make It Easy For You

Let's face it, it's hard work to keep producing content to market your brand. For us, content is easy! You can come on The Show as often as you want. Every time you do we'll talk about you and what you offer. The more people see you on The Show, the more they remember you. That's how it works in Hollywood and that's how it works on The Show. Repeated exposure works.

Even More!

When you bring your band on "The Show" it's more than just laughs and fun. People watch! They recognize your branding. The more you get your brand in front of them in an entertaining way, the more they remember.