The Dream Team!

We take your dreams and make them reality.

Success comes when opportunity and preparedness meet in the same place and time. The dream team is staffed with people of vision who have the skills, talents, energy and experience to bring your dreams to life.
We're a group of business people, filmmakers, creatives who have a passion for creating the kind of content that you watch again and again.

Geoffrey Hill

More than 40 years of experience in the world of entertainment has crafted Geoffrey into a visionary to lead the team. He's a computer nerd, super smart, award winning filmmaker, world-traveler, star trek fan, piano player, tech guru, and a nice guy. His love for all things film and production have kept brought him success through the thick, thin and everywhere in between.

Christopher Maberry

Every organization needs the guy who keeps the heads level and calm. Chris manages the people and the processes keeping the machine running. His more than 30 years experience in the people oriented hospitality world have taught him how to build teams and work with creative folks. You'll love Chris. We do!

Jerry Summers

Jerry has an MBA in Marketing and is currently a PHD candidate in business administration with an anticipated award date of 2023. Utilizing his skills in marketing he develops campaigns that save money and increase profitability and attract viewers and sponsors alike. Peers describe him as exceptionally motivated optimizing common resources to achieve uncommon results.
Producer, Director, Writer
Producer, Director, Writer

Jorge Harrington

Writing is his passion! His adventure as a film producer started with a book series he wrote called, "Pain and Panic" which he then adapted into a movie series. As a producer his work has appeared in televisoin and film many times over the last ten years. Jorge has the creative vision that spurs strong script which results in films with depth and intrigue that pull the viewer in and leaves them wanting more.
Producer, Director, Magician
Producer, Director, Magician

Sam Patzer

Sam is the man behind the film magic. His skills in tech, CGI, camera are exceptional. He finds his greatest passion is in compositing what he previously produced on camera into art far beyond what was imagined at the beginning of a project.
Producer, Director, Special Effects, Makeup Artist
Producer, Director, Special Effects, Makeup Artist

Amanda Woods

Amanda Woods, Owner of Woods On Fire Innovative Beauty LLC, has been a Licensed Cosmetologist for almost 20 years but doing glamour for the stage for over 30. Her background in Dance spawned the love for adding a dash of spice to the every day beauty regime. It has been said that Glitter flows through her veins!! She is also an accomplished actor and director for everything from the community stage to the silver screen. Amanda has had the honor of having her work featured locally, nationally, & world wide on the stage, in feature films, in magazines & newspapers, and on websites. She is the mother of 7 beautiful daughters & married for almost 15 years to Noah Woods.
Network Architect, Server Admin
Network Architect, Server Admin

Harshad Savkar

Harshad is all things servers and network. We rely upon him to ensure that all our servers are running smoothly, security is tight, hackers are at bay and all our client applications are robust and secure. He is well-versed in VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server administration, running any Linux OS (CentOS, RedHat, CloudLinux, Fedora) and CPanel.

We are proud of our work!

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