Why? You and your students spend months getting things just right.

It costs you nothing and you'll have something to show for it afterwards

This can be a fundraiser for you too.

When parents and students buy copies, you get a portion of the money

  • FREE* no cost to you.
  • Multiple 4k or HD cameras
  • Multi-track audio, up to 32 tracks
  • Final master delivered as download or DVD format
  • 4K or HD recording quality
  • All recording is at your location
  • WE PAY ALL MUSIC LICENSE FEES (so you don't need to worry)

Broadcast Glass System 600px wide

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vMix Capture 20 October 2017 23 08 33


  • How much do you charge to record our event?  The service is free.  We are funded when people purchase the recordings for themself.
  • Who pays the license fees?  We do.  All we need to know is the titles, artist, publishers, producers of the music you're performing and we take care of the rest to pay all the royalties.
  • How long does it usually take for delivery?  Usually one to two weeks for mixdown and delivery
  • How is everything delivered?  We ship directly, via USPS, to whatever address is written on the order form.
  • What do I, the director, need to do for this?  We ask you to hand out the order forms, tell everybody about the recording, put incoming order forms in a manila envelope, announce the recording at the beginning of the concert and put the order forms inside the concert programs so parents have them in their hands.  That's it.  You can do more if you want though :)
  • What if nobody orders anything, then what?  We are the ones taking the risk.  We know that some events order more than others.  In the end, all things average out so all is good.
  • How far will you travel to do a recording?  We travel worldwide
  • Will you do classroom recordings?  Yes. We will record anywhere you want.
  • Will I get a free copy for myself?  Yes. All conductors get a free copy.  We just ask you to not make copies for anybody else.
  • How's the quality?  We shoot all productions in 4K, output in HD.  All audio is recorded at 24/96 resolution and output at CD quality
  • Can people place advance orders?  Yes.  Orders are accepted and encouraged in advance of your event.
  • Can you live stream events?  Yes.  We can live stream any event
  • Can we sell virtual tickets to the live streams?  Yes!  By all means, sell as many virtual tickets as possible.  You will earn a percentage of the ticket sales too.

How it works

  1. Announce the recording at the start of your show
  2. Insert the order form into the show program
  3. Send the order form home with students and create a deadline to place orders
  4. When students bring completed forms to class collect them and get them to us asap
  5. When people purchase the DVD we mail to them in US Mail.

We take care of everything.  You just get the word out and collect the order forms.