We shoot meetups, conferences, summits, seminars and more!
So you can make some extra cash
One to Six Cameras
HD or 4K quality
Same day footage delivery
Be sure to bring an external harddrive and we'll drop the footage on it for you.
Professional Quality
We only shoot with Professional equipment.
Video Projectors
5000 lumens, Full 1080p HD video projectors for your powerpoints and videos. We can even bring the screen
Confidence Monitors
Your Powerpoints, videos, live camera feed AND countdown timers are displayed on the 40" monitor seen only by your presenters.
Sound Systems
Audiences from 10 to 5000 people, we can do it! Up to 32 channels of full digital production, 8 wireless microphones, speakers, monitors, engineer included.
LIVE Stream Options
Stream live on Facebook, TVpbn or your choice of network. We provide everything needed including graphics, cameras, microphones, encoders.
Make More Money
Offer your meetup as a live program stream on a Pay-Per-View channel. You set the ticket price. We'll give you the URL so you can market it and make more money.
Dynamic Local Blocking
If you're doing a live stream of your event, we can block people locally from watching it. Then you don't lose ticket sales! Local people have to attend your event in person to see your event. People outside the blocked zone can purchase your pay-per-view ticket to watch live.

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