Live Stream Events with virtual ticketing on password protected channels.
Fully managed so you can focus on making money.

27 reasons you need a fully managed channel


  1. Dedicated staff to manage your channel for you
  2. Your channel is programmable using day-part TV style management based on realtime clocks and calendaring
  3. Your channel manager will program, schedule and maintain your channel
  4. Your channel manager will publish social media paid targeted ads depending on your budget, additional charges may apply
  5. Your channel manager will publish social media marketing at no cost - organic style
  6. Your channel can sell virtual tickets to your channel’s video-on-demand assests and/or the live player
  7. You can sell time slots on your live channel using day-part programming, we don’t charge you for this
  8. Shopping cart on your channel page to sell physical products or downloads
  9. Customized channel graphics, add your own logo, photos, artwork
  10. Uploading of unlimited videos, commercials, etc
  11. Static channel URL does NOT change with every new live stream. So, you can publish the URL even on your printed media because it’s always the same link event after event so your viewers can find it easily over and over.
  12. We pay the publishing rights & royalties on virtual tickets
  13. Unlimited streaming hours
  14. Unlimited viewers
  15. Live stream on your channel page 24/7 non-stop
  16. No 5 hour time limits per event
  17. Insert your own ads
  18. Unlimited video upload storage
  19. Host videos-on-demand on your channel page
  20. Event live scheduling, schedule your shows ahead of time on the live player
  21. Password protect all of your assets and sell virtual tickets to watch
  22. Live channel statistics analysis to measure viewer engagement
  23. Local GEO-Blocking of 100 mile radius around your live event location. If your event travels, we can change the blocking for each location. Radius can also change depending on your needs
  24. No more lost ticket sales from local people.  Local residents still attend your events in person because they can't see your channel during your live events.
  25. Live chat with your channel manager for support
  26. RTMP streaming protocol so viewers can watch across any connected device
  27. Cloud transcoding