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There are people in this world who serve others without any concern for their own welfare. They give their lives to service and oftentimes go completely unrecognized and are cast aside by society. Society as a whole ignores those people and simply takes them for granted because they have chosen to live that life intentionally. However, this does not reduce our responsibility to give back to those people when they have given so freely of their love and service to us as a society.

joomplu:1Many Catholic Nuns worldwide spend their lives living in abject poverty with no chance to improve even the simplest of living conditions such as sleeping in a bed, not on a cement floor, taking care of human needs in a bathroom with a real shower, not just in a bucket or hole in the floor.

The Ligaya Film is a project to raise awareness and funding to purchase materials to upgrade the living conditions of the Catholic Nuns in the Philippines. Through the Ligaya Film viewers will become aware of the plight of the average nun who chooses to suffer in silence awaiting blessings from God to reward them. You can be that blessing!

The Ligaya Film will take a close look at the Catholic Nun, living conditions, services and lifestyles. Through this film viewers will get a glimpse into the reality of life for a silent voice of suffering.

We will seek out and visit at least 12 ligaya in the Philippines where we will seek interviews with the nuns, take tours of their ligaya and conduct casual chats with parishioners who may have benefited from the service provided by the nuns.

This film can then be utilized as a tool to introduce prospective sponsors of the Ligaya Fund (managed by Francesca Valdez of Broadway Studios, San Francisco, CA) to the plight of the nun and assist in motivating financial and material donations from sponsors from USA and Philippines.

Production of this film will begin on July 1, 2017 and will be completed by October 1, 2017.

The film will be produced in 4k Ultra-HD resolution by 37-time Internationally awarded cinematographer D. Geoffrey Hill.

Copies of the film will be made available for video-on-demand streaming, download, printed on DVD and theatrical screenings to live audiences.

Please support this film and help us raise the living conditions of those who serve others without reward or recognition. You can be a blessing from God.

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