You've got an event coming up, you've sold tickets to it and the venue is almost sold out.  How can you make more money then?  Go live on a Pay-Per-View channel.  

TVpbn Pay-Per-View allows you to stream your event live and make a large percentage of the ticket sales revenue.  Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule your event at a venue
  2. Contact us and get signed up with a broadcast time and channel
  3. Set your ticket price for PPV.  It's up to you what you charge.
  4. Start sharing the PPV channel absolutely everywhere.  Be sure that fans know you'll be going live during the event.
  5. Fans will buy the PPV ticket
  6. Fans login and watch the show live on their phones, laptops, tablets, smart televisions, computers, etc.
  7. After the show we will give you a report on ticket sales and your percentage of the ticket sales revenue.
  8. Money is paid out on the 5th of the following month.  Why? Accounting procedures are best done monthly to keep things simple
  9. We will send you payment via Paypal or Check.  Which do you prefer?

After the event you can still make money by turning the live recording into a video-on-demand asset on pay-per-view too.  Fans can still watch the video when they purchase the ticket for the channel.  Video-on-demand tickets and live broadcast pay-per-view tickets are two different things.  So after you make money with the live broadcast you can make money again with the VOD too.  Look at the video thumbnails here and you'll see that they do not play unless you subscribe

You know what's even cooler?  Both the live broadcast and the video-on-demand is on the same channel page.  No need to share multiple different links at all.  Everything is all in one place.  Here's an example:  The player at the top is a live broadcast player, the videos underneath are all pay-per-view VOD assets.

Fans LOVE to buy stuff!  That's why we have a full shopping cart system built into the channel pages.  Fans can watch the live broadcast, Videos-on-demand and buy merchandise at the same time.  You make money from every angle possible.  Do you see the stuff for sale on the right side of this page? Every channel page is it's own unique shopping cart category.  We have it setup so that every artist, filmmaker, producer, whomever is a unique category all their own.  Those categories apply to the specific page for that entity.  Of course, every category can be cross-marketed within the main storefront too. 

During the live broadcast you can insert commercials or lower third banners or bugs.  Any of these assets can be sold by you or us.  We share the revenue split from commercials, banner ads, merchandise sales and more with you.  Our success is your success too.  That's how it should work, right?  We believe in reciprocol relationships.  For example:  When we sell a commercial you make a percentage of that sales money.  Since we did the actual selling we get the larger portion.  When you sell a commercial, you get the larger portion, we get the smaller portion.  It's fair that way, right?

How do we prevent people in the local area of your event from watching the live broadcast?  Simple.  We block them.  Before every live broadcast we block the channel from all viewer traffic within a minimum of 50 miles radius of your event location.  We can increase the blocking radius to whatever you desire.  For example:  If your event is in San Francisco, California we will block everybody within 100 miles of San Francisco or a larger radius which would mean that your event could not be seen anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We can also do reverse blocking.  This means that we could prevent anybody outside of a specific radius from watching your event.  In other words only people within the 100 miles radius could watch.  This enables you to do localize broadcasting.  Blocking starts on the day of the broadcast and ends shortly after the broadcast is concluded.

 Make sure you have a camera crew who knows how to do live streaming properly.  Need crew? We can provide.

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